Vanilla Ice Net Worth, Career, Income and Biography

vanilla ice net worth

Vanilla Ice Net Worth?

According to January 2023, Vanilla Ice’s net worth is $15 Million.

Net Worth $15 Million

Net Worth$15 Million

Who is Vanilla Ice?

Vanilla Ice is a rapper and actor with a net worth of $15 Million. He is from America. He was 55 years old. His album earned him fame.

Album NameRelease Date

Early Life

Vanilla Ice is a rapper who was born on 19 October 1967. He was the best rapper and actor.

In the start, he was a dancer. With time he feels that he has a talent for singing. So he started working hard on rapping. Now people listen to his songs.

He does not know his father. His mother trained him. His mother remarried after his father’s death.

Last Update26 January 2023


 He started his career with breakdancing. He was also a television host.

His main professions:

*Television Host

He does not earn only from his professions. He earns with the promotion of brands and companies.

Vanilla Ice’s Best Songs

Song NameRelease Date
 Ice Ice Baby1990
Cool as Ice 1991
Roll Em’ Up1994

Vanilla Ice’s Best Albums

Album Name Release Date
To the Extreme1990
Mind Blowin’ 1994
W.T.F 2011

Vanilla Ice Award

Best Solo Rap Performance Grammy 1991

Quotes from Vanilla Ice


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Vanilla Ice Net Worth, Career, Income and Biography

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